Dr. Matthias Drews

Patent Attorney, Dr. rer. nat., M.Sc. Phys. (univ.)

  • Studies of physics in Augsburg, in Auckland, New Zealand, and at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Graduate of the Technical University of Munich (thermodynamic properties of matter at high densities and high temperatures)
  • Conductorship of research in Trento, Italy, at the research institute ECT* in the fields of nuclear physics and astrophysics as fellow of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
  • Since 2015 at isarpatent®
  • 2018 Admission as European Patent Attorney
  • 2019 Admission as German Patent Attorney
  • 2023 UPC Representative – European Patent Litigator

Technical Expertise:

Sensor Technology (in particular radar technology and laser technology), Semiconductor Technology, Telecommunications, Computer-implemented Inventions, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Information Technology

Legal Expertise:

Registration and Examination Proceedings for Patents and Utility Models


German Patent Attorneys Association, epi


German, English, French, Italian

Contact: Matthias.Drews@isarpatent.com