Intellectual property rights are absolute rights which are registered in the name of one or more parties. It is often the case in legal relations that changes to the entry in the register with respect to the IP right owner or owners are necessary. Often, such changes in the register are required as a consequence of the assignment of an IP right to a new owner, or due to changes with the existing owner, such as a change of name or address, or as a consequence of an acquisition of a company or changes to legal succession in the event of a reorganisation of a company.

The new owner of the IP right, as well as the previous owner, should ensure that the new ownership is recorded in the register as soon as possible so that the register always indicates the correct owner details of the IP right in question. The register serves to indicate the ownership of an IP right and can therefore have a direct impact on evidence showing the rights and obligations arising from a certain IP right.

In order to avoid the legal disadvantages of an IP right being incorrectly recorded in the register, we will be happy to record new register entries or corrections on your behalf – even at short notice – if you provide us with the necessary documentation.