Sandra V. Pilgram, LL.M.

Attorney at law, Specialist Solicitor for Industrial Property Rights

  • Graduate of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (Law)
  • Graduate of the Legal Clerkship at the Destrict Court Munich (degree: state examination II)
  • Graduate of the “Master of Laws” postgraduate studies “International Studies in Intellectual Property Law” of the Karls-Universität Prague (Univerzita Karlova v. Praze) and of the Technical University Dresden LL.M.

Legal Expertise:

German, European and International trademark law, design law, competition and copyright law, litigation proceedings in trademark law, patent and copyright law and design law


German, English, French, Czech

Associate Lecturer of the Technical University Munich for Industrial Property Rights


Legal Department:
Franz Stangl, Heinz-Peter Hoier, Janina Reiter, Marko Würth