isarpatent® regularly organises one-day seminars on topical issues in patent law, trade mark law, the law on domain names on the internet, design law, competition law, employee invention law, and in other fields of intellectual property.

These seminars are primarily aimed at managers and IP professionals at innovative companies and offer practical information which can be applied to specific organisations.

Logo Fachseminar groß Unfortunately, everything will be different in 2020. The world is focused on protecting itself and slowing the spread of the COVID-19 / Corona virus. In our view, this is not the right time for a social exchange in the context of seminars and events. We deeply regret that. However, we are confident about the future. Our ip seminar is again planned for 2021 in Munich – so: Save the Date: Friday, November 19, 2021.

Further information of the seminar content will be published (only in German Language, please see our German website).

In recent years we have held the following seminars:

  • Seminar on “Zwischen Drachen und Tigern – Praktische Tipps für erfolgreiche IP-Strategien in Asien” in 2019
  • Seminar on “Verteidigung ist der beste Angriff – effktive Strategien für ein präventives Schutzrechtsmanagement” in 2018
  • Seminar on “Employee invention law: Comparision of remuneration praxis in different companies and industry sectors” in 2017
  • Seminar on “Contract law for intellectual property rights: negotiations – legally binding agreements – effective enforcement ” in 2016
  • Seminar on “Risk Management for product innovations – FTO-Analysis“ in 2015
  • Seminar on “Employee invention law” in 2014 (inventor potential …)
  • Seminar on “The New European System for The Protection of Intellectual Property” in 2013 (The Unitary Patent and The European Patent Court …)
  • Seminar on “Designs” in 2012 (…)

If you would like to receive the seminar materials from these seminars and/or you would like to be informed of future events, please send your request to us at: