Areas of Law

Intellectual property (IP)

Intellectual property protection can be of critical importance for any business, whether it is operating in Germany, throughout Europe, or all over the world, as each business needs to protect its innovative ideas and to safeguard itself against unlawful or unfair practices of its competitors.

Generally, IP protection is associated with legal protection from government authorities for intellectual achievements. Yet the protection of intellectual property can be more than that. In addition to the laws and regulations in Germany that relate to obtaining and enforcing intellectual property rights, such as the Patents Act, the Trade Marks Act, the Designs Act, the Utility Models Act and the Plant Variety Protection Act, the law in Germany on fair trade practices under the Unfair Competition Act is also an important cornerstone in ensuring fair competition between businesses.

IP protection also includes many related areas of law, such as copyright law, employee invention law and antitrust law, which may affect the legal position of a business in one way or another.

With the rapid pace of the globalisation of the world economy, there are a multitude of national regulations and particularities, as well as transnational agreements, which need to be taken into account in order to obtain optimum protection of intellectual property rights – a challenge that the patent attorneys and lawyers of isarpatent® will be happy to face on your behalf.