China welcomes Adrian Huissel and Dr. Xingan Wang – isarpatent in the press of a country with more than 1,458,921,902 inhabitants

On June 14th, the Hebei Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Association, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office of Shijiazhuang Zhongzhi Huaqing and the prestigious World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), organized a remarkable event – the “Advanced Lecture on IPR Protection in Europe and the World.”

This groundbreaking event brought our renowned German patent experts, Mr. Adrian Huissel and Dr. Xingan Wang to Shijiazhuang, as they set out to empower and educate entrepreneurs in the province. The lecture aimed to equip export-oriented businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to leverage their rights on a global scale. From unraveling the secrets of European patent laws to showcasing the global opportunities for export-oriented enterprises, this immersive lecture is a golden ticket for those striving to harness the power of their intellectual property rights. Mr. Huissel and Dr. Wang shared their vast expertise and strategies for navigating the complex world of intellectual property rights.

isarpatent® looks forward to further productive meetings with their Chinese partners.

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